About Us




The mission of The Practice Room is to bring people together, inspire their interests through unique learning opportunities, and in turn create a deeper level of understanding between the local Swiss and international communities by practicing in a room together.

The Practice Room is made up of three parts:

  1. A physical space that is equipped with tools to learn, rehearse, and practice. (i.e. piano, sprung dance floors, ballet barres, mirrors, stereo equipment, yoga mats, music stands, chairs, etc.).

  2. The Practice Room offers a curriculum of courses in the performing arts and well-being for all ages.  These courses are curated by Melissa Tranchet to combine the talents of the instructor with the needs of our neighborhood.

  3. A digital platform (website) that allows inspired instructors to connect with interested learners.  The platform also supports the instructors with various services including advertising of courses and communication with learners.

I am a firm believer in the saying, ‘It takes a village to raise a child.’ My hope is that I can engage, inspire, and support my “village” by creating classes that embody a sense of WE over the “me centered” focus in our societies today.
— Melissa Tranchet, Founder


The Practice Room is looking for creative, driven and passionate individuals.  Share with us your story and let’s build a course together.


Interested in a specific class being offered in our neighborhood? Contact us and  share your thoughts with The Practice Room.


Need a place to Practice?

The Practice Room is available for rental to people in the local community looking for a meeting, rehearsal, or practice space.