Carly Assael-Alexander

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Languages: English, French

Specialties: Theatre, Music, English Language teaching

Experience: 15+

Carly Assael-Alexander is an American who has been living and teaching language in France for the past 10 years.  After receiving her Bachelor’s in Theatre and music at Northeastern University, she came to France to use the Arts as an approach to language teaching. Carly’s recently obtained her Masters Degree in Linguistics from the University of Rouen in France, which allowed her to defend the effectiveness of theatrical and musical pedagogical methods to develop confidence and motivation in learning a foreign language. Carly created the first Musical Theatre workshop in English and in French in Rouen in collaboration with the theatre school, Le Theatre de la Canaille and l’Alliance Français de Rouen.

Carly instructs the following courses for The Practice Room: 

Melissa Tranchet