Michaela Albright


Languages: English, German

Teacher- Performing Arts, Improvisation, Yoga, Meditation;  
Director- Theatre, Musical Theatre, Improv, Children’s Theatre

Experience: 15+ years

Michaela Albright Fuchs is a storyteller, a certified yoga teacher, an international theatre teacher for kids and youth, and a mom. These “hats” combine to inspire her classes whether it is bringing a story to life on a yoga mat for kids, creating a themed yoga sequence to support tired parents, or coaching a youth improvisation troupe.

Having spent 15+ years creating and teaching theatre in New York City and up and down the east coast of the USA, Michaela brings her understanding of child development, family dynamics, and the demands of modern life into accessible classes that meet each participant wherever they are in their journey. Her yoga and theatre classes are a story unfolding. Each participant is invited to see the world through the eyes of each pose or character and allow the story to unfold from within thus creating their own personal practice.

Michaela believes that bringing union (yoga) with movement, mental focus, and the breath is the key to:

  • maintaining a balanced life

  • discovering the happiness within

  • staying young at heart, in mind, and in body

  • learning how to “let it go”

  • build confidence on and off the mat

  • performing to the top of your potential

Michaela loves discovering when something we practice in class translates to life outside the studio. This, to Michaela, is the power of yoga, meditation, and performance. To her they are all intertwined.

Michaela instructs the following courses for The Practice Room: 

Melissa Tranchet